Kiwikitz™Detox Flush Drops contain gentle, time proven traditional herbs recommended to:..
NZ$ 25.00
Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74
We are currently changing the name of this product from COUGH DROPS  to Chest Ease.We recom..
NZ$ 25.00
Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74
Anti-viral - use sublingually (under tongue) when required Burns - use atomizer or cream Canc..
NZ$ 20.00
Ex Tax: NZ$ 17.39
Ingredients: Echinacea, Myrrh, Lemon Balm, Grapefruit Seed In COxygenated Colloidal Silver BaseW..
NZ$ 20.00
Ex Tax: NZ$ 17.39
Parasite drops contain Wormwood,  Walnut,  Liquorice,  Senna, ClovesDid you ..
NZ$ 25.00
Ex Tax: NZ$ 21.74
Kiwikitz Ltd proudly supports & retails DONZ Natural OPC Super-antioxidant through our online ..
NZ$ 35.00
Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43
Testimonial I am 61 years old and have been taking the Kiwikitz Magnesium supplement for over 6 year..
NZ$ 40.00
Ex Tax: NZ$ 34.78
Kiwikitz™ Joint & ligament capsules contain: Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM - THE ULTI..
NZ$ 35.00
Ex Tax: NZ$ 30.43
CLAY CLEANSE Detox Powder New -20%
Pristine, sun-dried calcium bentonite desert green clay is combined with organic psyllium to provide..
NZ$ 45.00 NZ$ 36.00
Ex Tax: NZ$ 31.30
POP-IN-YOUR-POCKET for instant use.  Take a few drops before meals and feel the difference..
NZ$ 25.00 NZ$ 17.60
Ex Tax: NZ$ 15.30
Eruptive, Irritated Skin Rash Cream -14%
Kiwikitz™ Eruptive & Irritated Skin Cream is recommended for:Skin Irritation & ..
NZ$ 35.00 NZ$ 29.99
Ex Tax: NZ$ 26.08
KID'S IMMUNE BOOSTER Lymphatic System Tonic -18%
Need an immune boost and lymphatic support blend that you can safely take all winter in easily dispe..
NZ$ 25.00 NZ$ 20.50
Ex Tax: NZ$ 17.82
KOROMIKO NZ native plant remedy -40%
Kiwikitz™Koromiko rongoa is a bitter tonic (digestive stimulant & helps overall  he..
NZ$ 25.00 NZ$ 14.95
Ex Tax: NZ$ 13.00


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Kiwikitz™ New Zealand natural health products are designed for your specific health needs & to optimise your healing potential

Please note that Kiwikitz™ products are not a replacement for prescribed medication.

2011 SPECIAL COMMENDATION AWARD, Focus Te Puke Business Awards - Kiwikitz Ltd 
Kiwikitz is often called Kiwi kitz, Kiwikits & Kiwi Kits.  Correct spelling is Kiwikitz 

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Kiwikitz supply a quality range of GE free, time proven herbal remedies, nutritional health supplements,  NZ native plant remedies Rongoa, natural creams plus Harmony natural progesterone cream, detox kits, natural pet remedies & dog supplements, nutritional powders, colloidal mineral & colloidal silver products, anti-aging natural health products DONZ Natural OPC antioxidant grape seed resveratrol.

Kiwikitz™ natural health products are designed for your specific needs & to optimise your healing potential.

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You will support home grown New Zealand natural health products and the sustainable, growing industry around organic, wild crafted and indigenous New Zealand plants. You will support a small NZ company that produces quality, affordable natural health products, free of additives, fillers and chemical additives found in many natural health supplements or herbal remedies.

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